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Robin Braun, Owner

Robin Braun, Owner

Position Owner

Description Founded in 2022, we have found our way into the large market of electronic components and parts. Originally coming from the sale of consumer electronics such as Playstation and Co. we have now shifted our focus to the procurement of individual components such as the Raspberry Pi and more and are now even breaching into the cosmos of scents and perfumes on our seperate online store We have set ourselves the goal of procuring products that are difficult to obtain on the market and making them available to our customers at reasonable prices. In doing so, we are trying to counteract the growing trend of "scalping", i.e. selling items at completely inflated prices.


We are proud to have already equipped several large german companies such as Gustav Hensel GmbH & Co. KG as well as Energie Ziegler GmbH.


You can also order from us via our shopson and, as well as on our own shop